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• Faster closing times
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Getting a Home Loan shouldn’t be complicated, that is why we have made it easier. A quick phone call and you’ll know what you qualify for. As a mortgage broker we quickly compare lenders and give you access to actual prequalified rates. At Success Group Mortgage we will never use bait and switch or gimmick rates. Learn more below.


Mortgage Broker Services & Home Loans

We offer an array of services from home loans, to refinancing, investment property loans, debt consolidation, and much more.

Success Group Mortgage is the only licensed mortgage broker, lender, and servicer in Shiawassee County, MI. That means we can find loan products from different institutions that fit you best, we can finance our own loans, and we can accept payments on loans directly.

Our mix of services means we are not only better for traditional home loans and refinancing, but we are very capable of handling more unique types of loan scenarios.

Loan Options

• First Time Homebuyers
• Refinance
• Investment Property
• Financing
• VA Loans
• Debt Consolidation
• Short Term Loans
• Access to Cash
• More!

4 Reasons we started Success Group Mortgage


We discovered lending decisions were not always based on logic and some people were falling through the cracks. We wanted to be able to provide loans to those who should qualify but don’t fit into the traditional boxes banks are looking for.


When a consumer goes to a bank or lending institution they are only shown the options available at that one company. We saw an opportunity to provide customers more options from many different lending institutions. At Success Group we negotiate with many different lenders to ensure we are always getting the best rates available.


We recognized an opportunity to provide a more personalized experience. Larger institutions may have you speaking to multiple people, with us you have one loan officer who walks you through the entire process.


Price. While we don’t always focus on price it is a big deal. Because we work with dozens of lending institutions across the country we can negotiate better rates and better terms than you can find even going directly to them.

Answers to frequently asked questions…

How long does it take? (Minutes)

How long does it take? (Minutes)

Any up front fees? (Not with us)

Any up front fees? (Not with us)

How much could I save? (A lot)

How much could I save? (A lot)

Success Stories!

What others say about us matters far more than what we say about ourselves. Here are just a few of the hundreds who have saved money, cut years off their mortgages, and closed faster with our help. Thank you all for trusting us with your service!

Loan Headache Resolved

“It was smooth sailing and it was an amazing process, so refreshing after the stressful situation I had been in.” – Jehan Crump-Gibson

The Loan Process Was Easy

“They made it easy for me… It sure didn’t take long for everything to get done, it was a good experience.” – Nancy Somers

Felt Like Only Customer

“Working with Success Group I felt like I was the only customer where other lenders felt like they had a million customers” – Kaylee VanAtta

Understood His Vision

“They were able to work with me and look at the dream that I had and help put the pieces together.” – Adam Bronson

Wrights Home Loan Testimony

“The Wright family saved a total of $151 a month! The whole process took only about 2 weeks. Thank you for your business!”

Ludington Home Loan Testimony

“Sue & Carl saved $605 a month consolidating multiple loans. That is $7,260 a year!!”

Kevin Home Loan Testimony

“Michaela & Kevin saved $170 a month! That is $2,040 a year! Thank you for trusting us!”

Dillon Home Loan Testimony

“Dillon & Lexy saved $160 a month on a home they had purchased only months before!”

Maddy Home Loan Testimony

“Maddy & Micah cut 15 years off of their mortgage while keeping their same monthly payments!”

Justin Home Loan Testimony

“Justin saved $305 a month while also going from a 30 year mortgage to a shortened 15 year!”

Faber Home Loan Testimony

“Lauren & Alec were able to save $345 a month, that is over $4,145 a year!”

Yes, it’s worth it. What are you waiting for?

It only takes a few minutes! With rates at an all time low and our dedicated team on your side we are confident we can find you substantial savings. What will you spend the extra money on? Call us at 1 (989) 720-4380 or have us call you!