See why realtors refer their clients to us for Mortgage Services.

• Accurate closing dates
• Faster average closing times
• Closing issues resolved
• Better client services

Our Mortgage Services make sure loan issues and lender demands don’t delay your closings. We give accurate closing dates, have faster average closing times, and get in front of problems that may be lurking on the horizon. See more reasons real estate agents prefer us below.

Mortgage Services for Realtors

A personal word to Realtors from Jim at Success Group Mortgage.

The market has shifted, now more than ever it is imperative to have more options for your clients and better transparency on the loan process. We understand what you are looking for and work with you to make sure closings happen.

3 Reasons we are better for Realtors, Brokers, and Home Buyers

1. More Creative Solutions

• Remove contingencies on offers

• Reduce/Eliminate need for concessions

• Private financing for unique situations, self-employed buyers

2. Closing Speed and Efficiency

• Quick closings

• Immediate appraisal orders

• Pre-approval letters within minutes

3. Credit Evaluation

• Accurate game plan and follow up to ensure future homebuyers come back to you!

• No cost to your buyers

• Rapid Rescore ability


Broker & Agent

“They hit their closing dates, closed within a reasonable time, and we don’t have to ask for extensions as often.” – Kori Shook

Commercial Real Estate

“They were able to work with me and look at the dream that I had and help put the pieces together.” – Adam Bronson

Success Stories!

What others say about us matters far more than what we say about ourselves. Here are just a few of the hundreds who have saved money, cut years off their mortgages, and closed faster with our help. Thank you all for trusting us with your service!

Wrights Home Loan Testimony

“The Wright family saved a total of $151 a month! The whole process took only about 2 weeks. Thank you for your business!”

Ludington Home Loan Testimony

“Sue & Carl saved $605 a month consolidating multiple loans. That is $7,260 a year!!”

Kevin Home Loan Testimony

“Michaela & Kevin saved $170 a month! That is $2,040 a year! Thank you for trusting us!”

Dillon Home Loan Testimony

“Dillon & Lexy saved $160 a month on a home they had purchased only months before!”

Maddy Home Loan Testimony

“Maddy & Micah cut 15 years off of their mortgage while keeping their same monthly payments!”

Justin Home Loan Testimony

“Justin saved $305 a month while also going from a 30 year mortgage to a shortened 15 year!”

Faber Home Loan Testimony

“Lauren & Alec were able to save $345 a month, that is over $4,145 a year!”

Yes, it’s worth it. What are you waiting for?

It only takes a few minutes! With rates at an all time low and our dedicated team on your side we are confident we can find you substantial savings. What will you spend the extra money on? Call us at 1 (989) 720-4380 or have us call you!